June 9, 2008

A full tank of Honda City Vtec used to cost RM85 and now it’s RM113.

Not so bad? Yea not so till you gotta come out with the same amount for a month when a full tank only lasts for a week or so. Omg omg omg.

Thinking of it now, it makes me feel a little regret for not concentrating in my studies. I can’t wish for time to turn back, but I can only make sure that I do well in my job in order to create a better place for my career and my life. I’m still in between making choices,still looking for what’s good and the best, still struggling.

It frustrates me deep inside, thinking of how to be wealthy by the age of 35. I know I’m good at certain things in life that’l make money for me but there are so many barriers that keeps me from achieving it.

but of course we’re not talking about going into prostitution here you idiots.

I have nothing to say about how the fuel price is affecting our life today. I only hope that the company I’m working with really keeping up to what they’re promising us. By July, I expect an increase of more than rm200 in my pay because I know big companies are not always generous.

Oh by the way, read about fuel prices right about here

Ok goodnight.


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