How I Learned to Drive.

June 5, 2008

I had to ffk my dearest Bianca Lee from attending Bang-Mi at Heritage Row because I had to attend a play with my colleagues. I ffk-ed because I paid for the play and that is the exact moment I forgot that I was supposed to go to Bang-Mi with my dearest Bianca Lee. She’s not angry at me, but she’s upset, I’m very sure she is.

(Again,I’m sorry).

So the play was entitled How I Learned To Drive. I discovered a metaphor of it to what has happened yesterday.

Yesterday, is the day where everyone in Malaysia was shocked by a news about the rise of fuel price. Yesterday was also the day we were going to watch a play that has to do with cars (or rather, something similar to it)

It took us one hour and a half to get to BSC from USJ and another round of draggy hours on the way back. Thanks to the massive traffic jam. Everyone were rushing to their nearest petrol station.

I got lucky though. Thanks to How I Learned To Drive, I managed to fill up a full tank five minutes before the system’s price turns automatically high.

Well okay. Not so lucky after all because this morning my father wanted to use my car and demanded me to use that filthy old green car to work instead.

Bloody Hell.


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