I’m a heartbreaker.

May 26, 2008

… only when I’m pissed at people.

I’m sorry, but I am really tired of being nice to all of you and have you asking me for a favor but at the end of the day you get some ‘middle’ person in between us to get your favor done.

To me, I think that’s unprofessional.

I got everything done for you, I called the people related to this matter for you but at the end of the day, you send someone else to ask me if you can proceed on the bookings or reservations? Like, wth is that ?

Why ask me for a favor when at the end you’re not going to trust me?

That’s my last piece of help I’m giving you. I’m tired being a doormat.


One comment

  1. dD,

    some ppl… camtu laa..
    but agree with u… toksahla u layan org camtuh dah.

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