congratulations wish

May 23, 2008

I’d like to congratulate

Azlan & wife.
Siva & husband.
Ayuni & Adlin.
Amaal & Aceh.

Also, to Inaz & Badak for the upcoming engagement (tomorrow!).
Menjadi jugak akhirnya.

I’m sorry if I didn’t make it to your ceremonies. I have nothing against anyone,
it’s just that something ALWAYS comes up whenever I have plans and something ALWAYS have to
do with my own family.

Keep in mind that I’m happy to know, to see, to hear so many of my friends
and relatives who are married or engaged.

Because I know I’m not anywhere near these two lines just yet and it’s not that I never think
about it but it’s because,… well let’s not ask too many questions shall we?

Flykisses to all of you, my friends.
May you live happily ever after with your other half 🙂

Ami, you’re next,aren’t you?



  1. me? hehe honestly i can’t wait :P~

  2. You’re right. Let’s not ask too many questions.

    Sometimes it’s easier to have faith in fate and the fact that the big man upstairs has a plan.

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