hello,how do you do-iet?

May 20, 2008

Note: I really wish my credit card application is ready by now because I really really want to register with PPP

At the same time, I am drafting a blog post on my project I’d like to share to most of you but I can’t be bothered to continue it now because I received an even more interesting email of an article regarding diet for busy, ‘lifeless’,working people like me.

I smiled as I finished reading Article Tips #1, and I continued reading Article Tips #2, and moved on to Article Tips #3.

I gave credits to myself because some of the things stated in the three articles are the things that I personally practice. Things such as:

(Taken from Article Tips #1)

1. Take your own lunch.

I can’t stress this one enough. Pack your lunch in the morning; it needn’t be anything fancy, just fruit, a sandwich on wholegrain bread, and some raw veggies. The nutritional content is certain to be vastly superior to a mayo-gloop-laden, wilted-lettuce adorned creation from the sandwich bar round the corner from your office.

Plus, you’ll save a lot of money: taking five minutes in the morning to throw together some lunch could mean spending five dollars less a day … adding up to an extra hundred dollars in your pocket every month. Plenty to pay for gym membership, or some new workout gear.

(Taken from Article Tips #3)

Get together with a friend at work. Arrange to go for a walk together at lunch, or just to sit in the breakroom with your sandwiches and the paper.

See how reading a few articles and catching up on personal emails half an hour before bed time can make my day eventually? I just wish I’m slimmer than I am now because the last I check, my tummy still looks like a flat tyre. And you know what made my day most?

The e-mail sent to me was from a colleague who is the one and only person who doesn’t do all that but to drink more coffee and less water. *evil smirk*. Just kidding, Des. You’re still cute as ever.

Sumpah tak tipu.


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