Bahasa Ibunda.

May 16, 2008

Since my mother tongue language, Malay is grammatically pathetic and mostly incorrect most of the time, I’ve decided to Malay-nize my Twitter. Reason being, I can’t write my blog posts in Malay although I’ve been wanting to do so. I respect those bloggers such as Ami, AKAB, MM and a few other bloggers I read who are able to express themselves freely in Malay.

I agree to most who find Third Culture Kid like me spoilt because we probably choose not to make an effort of writing or even worse, speaking in Malay. To most of you who do not know me,please don’t misunderstand. I can speak Malay fairly fluent. I only have too many grammatical errors.

Just don’t be like my sister.She chooses not to understand a few Malay words because well, according to her, they are complicated. Which i find as a complete BULLSHIT. But it’s okay, she’s only 13. She’ll improve so let’s forgive her.

Enjoy your weekend as I will surely enjoy mine!


  1. eek, my bahasa is campur campur sayang 😀

  2. broken malay rawks! 😛

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