hari yang tak mengenang budi.

May 9, 2008

Our work is never over. – Kanye West

I thought jobs such as being politicians need to be emotionally strong and cold hearted. I never realized that it applies to almost all of the jobs in the world. Including mine.

I cried to J on the phone at the side of the car park at Sunway after a good lunch with two (ex) college mates. It’s the second time this week I cried on the phone like that. The first time was to Mahdzan.

There was this point of time today where I was at the verge of quitting. I just wanted to quit. Resign this motherfrolic job & sit at home. Or further my studies. Finish a degree or something (but I can’t god damn it)

I was so pissed, tired, frustrated.

Although I know and I understand. I try to cope and be up-to-date. I still feel that I’m failing. I hate feeling this way and I hate coming back to my boss with negative results. I’m not the baby. I’m not going to even be appointed as one because I know I am able to do my work regardless what it is.

but the stress is just killing me emotionally.

It’s just me. I know, It’s just me. It’s no one else but me.


  1. hang in there D. u’ve made it this far, y quit? i’m sure everything’s gonna be ok. it’s just one of those days u know? we all have to go thru it every now n then. be strong and pray.

  2. No it’s not just you. Stress is in everything and its everywhere.Its like the force, you can find it in a tree in a rock or a bird. Take it from Yoda, he said ” Never underestimate yourself” of course thats one of the most cliche quotes of all time then again its true.

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