Post-Party Depression #1

May 8, 2008

Hi everyone, last night was fun. Bang-Mi Whatever was hot hot hot. Waking up & rushing to work this morning was not fun.

..but You.

I don’t know if you’ve made my night or the other way around because I remember You. I remember how You’d walk into the club, with the same backpack and your hooded jacket, with a cigarette on your mouth, waiting for someone to help light the cigarette up.

You’d laugh with all your friends, your body sway from back to front to the beat until it’s your turn to be up there. Spin it. With a cigarette in your mouth, this time it’s lighten up. You take a sip of your beer & you drive the beat to where the people go.

It hurts inside. To watch you like that. Knowing that You know you’re the king of the night. It hurts real bad at times.

Why must you break my heart that way?


  1. Oh dear.

    What happened?

  2. Aida,



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