Muslim ‘pub’ ?

May 7, 2008

I’ve got tons of work to do today and I need to finish it by 6pm sharp!

But I just have to share this with you. Joseph was reading this a while ago and asked me to see it and I find it TOTALLY UNBELIEVABLE, STUPID, SILLY, RIDICULOUS and everything else that matters.

I don’t know who to blame or to laugh at.

Personally, I think it’s going to be a joke of the year. I can’t even imagine who’d go for such pub. I mean, to serve fruit juices and soft drinks? That’s a cafe! not a pub. and to serve it to men only, not to mention that it’ll provide a prayer room & a steam room. HELLO! What is this? Zaman Nabi Nuh?

What kind of a pub is that? A prayer room and a steam room at the same time? This is no SPA, people. You are mocking Islam if you do that. I think we should all  just lay low & stay wise as much as we can.

Don’t let the world laugh at us, Malaysia. Kapeesh?



  1. what the tooot??? i’m sure they’ll serve the non-alcoholic beers there too hahaha! oh ya, you’ve been tagged with the coolest tag ever! http://pasembur.wordpress.com/2008/05/06/have-you-seen-my-cousin-mario/

  2. and what? only men?
    so they think only men need entertainment and unwind?

    they think women living a stress-free life ke?

  3. Very weird…steam room and a prayer room together…thats like showing no respect to GOD…i feel its not proper…

    It’s just not right. Not right at all.

    Non-alcoholic beer sounds just about right.
    Why don’t propose them to serve Malta as well?
    It tastes similar to Stout.

    Good God. It’s so funny yet it doesn’t make me laugh at all. Sigh.

  5. like.. huh?
    are they trying to be funny.. cos theyre not.

    i dun see the need to retain the name as “pub”

    suruh dorang carik name lain lah.. 😛

  6. whhaat? are they nuts? a pub with clean entertainment with sauna in it? ha ha.. gler la dia org nie.

  7. that’s what we call warung kopi alaf 2020 laa..
    ok wat..

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