May 6, 2008

I am beginning to HATE making plans. Be it for work, for leisure, for experiences, for life!

Make plans, and then cancel last minute. Make plans, and then cancel last minute.As much as we try to avoid making excuses, we will still end up making one. At least one.

Good God.

I wish I’m Ayuni. Or Zain. Or Anyone else who is probably good at planning and really keep up to their plans.

Anyways, here’s something that has motivated me a little bit better.

first of all, CHECK OUT MY HEADER LAH ! Thanks to Xumb (you rock Xumb! Watchaaaaa!) who was willing to help design my header. Look at it, it’s awesome! I didn’t even ask for the pout and he knows me well when it comes to pouts! haha. Thanks Xumb. Kudos to Xumb.

Ok. Back to work.


  1. I know what you mean. People always are making excuses. They wait and see if they have anything better to do before calling you last minute and saying “ok i will follow you”. LOL.

  2. no prob la D! i wasn’t doing pretty much anything pun at the office hahaha!

  3. love the header! and the new layout 😀

  4. yes i love the header!!! xumb me wan one oso!!!

  5. wahhh ye ke? bleh buat bisnes ni hahaha!

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