move out.

May 5, 2008

Cari lah rumah atau bilik dekat area Subang tu. Your life is there. Your work, your friends. Everyone. I’d rather you stay near to your office than driving far everyday. Dangerous lah. I’d rather not lose my daughter just because she’s earning money at the city. – my mother.

Last week, my mother asked me if I’d want to move out. I was surprised. Not excited, but surprised.

The story is, I have been wanting to move out since last year and never got a chance to do so. Reasons being; my parents might be posted oversea anytime soon and there won’t be anyone to take care of the house in Bandar Baru Bangi (yes, proudly saying the location now).

It has been two years since my parents moved back from France and until today, there has been no news of my father getting posted. He has been receiving false alarms from time to time and it’s pissing my family off.

Coming from what has been happening for the past couple of years,  I guess my mother is tired and giving up on the hoping and waiting on which country they are going next.

So,that’s when she has decided to ‘let me go’. But what’s funny is that; I have been wanting to move out since forever and when I finally get the chance to, suddenly I become very calculative and thinking of the (much more less) time to spend with the family.

It’s a 40 minutes drive to my work place, and the city from where I stay and I have never actually complain on the fact that I’m paying RM200+ on petrol and rm100 on Smart Tag (toll) per month. Of course, that is exclusive the toll payment at work in which, I may claim.

I think I’m going to put the whole idea of moving out on hold because I have so many luggage to carry on my shoulders and one of the big thing is my car’s payment. I’m definitely buying a new car and this time round, it’s totally on me. FAMA (father-mother)  no more.

Omg. I need financial advisor. Laydiefa! Help me !

p/s : Anyone know any place available at Subang Jaya? USJ to be exact. Thanks.


One comment

  1. i know about a place in USJ (dekat dgn summit), mail me will spare u the details if you are interested.

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