i (still) need a new cellphone.

May 5, 2008

I get very excited and full of ideas to write every time I read other people’s blog.
They remind me that I too have something to say. I find those bloggers who are able to
put such effect to other bloggers are a bunch of awesome bloggers. Effortless & ecstatic.

I have nothing interesting to write about, nor that I have the time to share the snippets of my weekend
(because I am a lazy bum especially when I blog on weekends and weekends are meant to be lazy).
So yea. Basically I had a super long weekend and I enjoyed it to bits and the best part is because
I didn’t spend a single second arguing with my mother as how I would usually do and I find it the most progressive
part of my long weekend so yep mmmhmm.

Ah, work tomorrow. I am sooooooo not looking forward for it.

Enjoy your week.


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