Not even close to funny (yet)

May 4, 2008

dD says:
i was at sunway till abt 1pm. we had an event today,i had to be there to give out presents.
dD says:
the emcee annouced my name as DIVANA! fkg whatever.

Stickney says:
hahahaha! Divana!
dD says:
i know right?! gosh

Stickney says:
im going to call u that from now on.
Stickney says:
Divana!! sounds indian
dD says:
please don’t.It’s as bad as receiving a fax from a customer, addresing my name as , “ATT: Ms.Viyana”
Stickney says:
lol how unfortunate

I mean, seriously. Does dating an Indian make me really look,or sound THAT Indian or something? Haish.


One comment

  1. ooohhh… divana? sounds exotic… like… nadia! nyehehehe

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