decisions, decisions.

April 25, 2008

“Kehidupan dewasa penuh dengan komplikasi” – AKAB

I tried to reserve an apartment for my friends and i to attend TIESTO @ FREEDOM this coming May. I tried everything. Travel agents, online-booking, phone bookings, even facebook. At the end, the answer is ALL HOTELS AND RESORTS IN PD ARE FULLY BOOKED ESPECIALLY FOR 9-11TH OF MAY. fkg hll.

I got to contact this nice girl named Debbie via Alda (Thanks Alda!) who was selling off her 2 bedrooms apartment though but I think the last decisions I heard the boys made was that THEY’VE DECIDED NOT TO GO TO FREEDOM AT ALL.fkg hll.

The thing is, Debbie booked the apartment for one night only yet we needed an apartment for two nights because we plan to buy the two nights back-to-back ticket. We’ve been planning about this. We’ve been looking forward to just go out there, flash ourselves and party two nights straight. The silly part is , we’re too busy till we forgot to reserve an apartment like, two months earlier (?). Debbie said we can get extend the room but the only way to get extension is to call the resort three days earlier.

I mean, what if we bought the apartment off her tomorrow & get the tickets this weekends, and then call the resort to check if we can extend three days before we drive to PD (which would be Wednesday the 7th) but to find out we can’t extend it for another night? What the heck do we do in PD without a place to stay?


So I don’t know. Planning is frustrating. I wish we can just pack up our stuff and leave without even thinking about what’s going to come about our trip. but of course not.

And if you’re wondering, of course i’m not a fan of Tiesto. I only want to go because I’ve dragged J to go the places I like so this time, I let us go to somewhere he loves. See how sweet I can be sometimes?

Ah. He‘s right. Adult life is full of complications.

So, let’s go to Hawaii instead shall we now?


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  1. headache siut.

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