warning letter.

April 23, 2008

Before we proceed, allow me to remind you that I am in a very emotional state of mind so please, close my blog and move onto some other more interesting blogs or websites if you may.

I feel like camping in the office.

It’s not because I love this building and the fact that I have a very comfortable cubicle, and it’s not because there are so many food supplies laying around for me to munch before the rats do but it’s because I am tired of traveling from BBB to USJ every single fkg day.

I must admit. I’ve been slacking a little. I am very exhausted. In within this two months, I’ve left the office and head straight home at 6pm sharp ONCE only. The rest of the time I’ll leave at 9pm and above. I’m not complaining though, I love what I do and I sometimes beg my mother to stop complaining of how bad it is to work at such working hours and not to come home like other working daughters around Malaysia ( like, seriously?)

A few minutes ago, I got a text message from a colleague whereby he was passing the message to me.

It says, “… oh by the way, just a gentle remind from boss that if you leave the office before 10pm then you should be in the office by 8am , not anytime later. Or else HR is going to send in a warning letter.”

The minute I received the sms, that’s the same minute I stopped doing my work. And I cannot focus.

I’m paranoid , what else! fucking hell.

Come to think about it, as much as I love my job, I think it’s totally unfair that I have to stay back so late up to 9pm-ish and STILL have to be in the office by 8am the next morning. To be at the office by 8am means I gotta wake up as early as 5.30am and leave the house as early as 7am because chances that it’d take an hour to get to USJ from BBB. fkg hll.

I think HR needs to stop slaving us around. We are not robots, you morons.

Or maybe, I need to move out. What do you think I should do, fellow experienced corporate slaves?



  1. D.. unless u are in media industry, that’s how it is..
    Just got my warning memo from my HR department last week asking me to give written explanation on why i was late for few occasions. (err..oh.. currently im working with my father in laws’ friend’s company..no longer with the advertizing agency).

    i was like dumbfounded that they sent me the list of days that i was late. and it was pertty much 10-20 minutes late.. and all because i stayed back till 8.30 pm or 9pm the day before.

    hmm.. it was a lot relaxed when i was in the advertizing agency..oh well, unless im the Fu*king boss..thats how life is..hahah..

    its ok 🙂 take it easy..

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  3. emm, this is how it is in working slave world. no matter how late u go back u gotta be in the office by the mention time. or else warning/explanation letter will be issued. i guess perhaps u can choose to look for a nearer place to stay since u like ur current job right?

  4. mencari rumah sewa yang lebih berhampiran, perhaps? 😉

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