half is not full.

April 22, 2008

this is what happened today

1)I saw a half-blinded boy fondling with his wallet this morning.

I am so amazed at how brave he is to  be at the doctor alone, without his family to be there with him. I know that probably his parents sent him to the doctor and told him to call them when he’s done with his appointment.

But he is half-blind, you see. I felt like going up to him and talking to him.

but he had measles. and I was (still) sick.

2) A lady called my office phone with an intention to claim the prize she won from a card she found in our product’s package.

dD : Hello? Yes? May I help you?

Lady : Alo? you Melayu ka Cina  ka India?

dD : err… -_- . Melayu ( !!!! )

Lady : aaa ok la horr kalau Melayu saya cakap Melayu kalau Cina saya cakap Cina. Kalau India susah nanti saya tarak paham la..

dD : Ok so may I help you (trying to ignore the disgusted feelings toward her racist statement).

Lady : ( proceeds on talking about the prize when the fact is there is no prize because she got the WRONG card. Wasting my time punya lady.)

I mean, I don’t get it. Why? Why must all these visible racist statements exist? I listen to Tracks. Fm sometimes and they greet their listeners with ” Salam Muhibbah, everyone” . I watch the news on TV and they greet us the same. But why in real life we are still not MUHIBBAH? I get very, very sensitive when things like this occurs in my daily life and I will forever remember them.

So why ?


  1. tell me about it. i get very mad as well when it comes to racism, if kat office it be drag sampai i quarrel with people.

    newway hepy earth day! 🙂

  2. Sometimes it’s funny when you hear people say things like that.. because you never think about it.

    Then you run across someone who says something like that and totally surprises you.

  3. Miss Aida, there. you.go.

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