April 18, 2008

Before I start, I would like to remind my readers that I have been wanting to write this for quite some time already but never have the chance/time/mood to do so. However today, is the day.

Let me introduce Zain HD of RandomAlphabets. Simple, sweet and crispy. Ok maybe a tad too curly but what the heck.

I got to know Zain through Ayuni of [http://ayunami. emopsychostar.com] and from the Euro trip guide I gave him, we have become good friends until today (or so I believe we are unless he doesn’t feel the same tsk tsk tsk tears).

Now this, is one person whom really walk the talk. He doesn’t play around with his plans and he will make sure he gets his plan done once he can. One thing though, this friend; I is the respect one.

Anyways, to un-bore you, Zain and a team of volunteers* organized Freeze in Unison at KL Pavillion last Sunday the 13th April and I missed it due to some personal health problem so this weekend, on Sunday the 20th they are holding another Freeze for World Earth Day at Sunway Pyramid at 8pm.

So yes! Come! join! come along! Make Mother Nature proud of you! (and no, i’m not paid to write this post)

* – amended text.


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