Well done, lamb chop!

April 10, 2008

I would first like to apologize due to the previous angry post. I have been badmouthed with a two-faced friend. Nothing else surprises me in this jungle-like world anymore, I tell ya.

Well Hello. I’m back from Malacca trip. I’ve recovered from a one-day fever as well. Wednesday was my Monday so it’s all good because in two days time it’s the weekend again! Hoorah!

For the first time, I feel proud of the work loads I’ve done.

There are more locations to come and I’m screaming, “Bring it on!”. I have so many other things I’d like to share with you but the problem is, it’s nearly 2am and I have a conference to attend at 10am, a meeting at 2pm and a whole lot of other workloads to be done for tomorrow.

Whoa, so hectic and busy lah konon. Lol.

I’m still juggling with my time management and if I revise my time schedule, I think I’m doing pretty fine for now.

Let’s see.

I am going to freeze (and you are invited) and looking forward to one night spend this weekend. Zain, call me on details.

I have a three days shooting for a short film (I’m helping out my cousin Nana)

I have three different coffee dates with three different individuals / groups of friends. People, start telling me the day and which coffee shops are we meeting at.

I have several meeting with several (rock) band managers. I’m going to add up the existing popularity in you.

Ok that’s about it for this month I guess.

I’m planning on taking an advance French part-time class. Anyone to help with info? Thanks.




  1. welcome to the working world babes.
    you’re gasping to get some time off from the job, but in reality you’re doing something for someone else’s job pulak.

    oh well.. as long as it helps to pay the bills *shrugged*

  2. hik hik hik.. now u know la working life how is it.

  3. This is not my 1st job, but I think this job is more challenging compared to my 1st job. All this while I was just the crew, now I recruit crews and plan everything by myself. mother!

    Oh well. I love my job yap yap.

  4. sebenaqnya bekerja tu best.. esp ujung bulan dapat gaji 😛

    other than that, experiences. i think u gain much more than i do since i only sit in front of the computer all the time. haha.

  5. alamak! ONE NIGHT SPEND. ciz the car’s repair pulak………..

    oh well, i have no money anyways.

  6. you’ve been tagged! http://pasembur.wordpress.com/2008/04/12/orname/

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