Achievement 101

March 31, 2008

Out of the current 19 wishes on my wish list 2008,I have only 11 left to achieve!

I am a proud woman!

Ok. Not so proud just yet lah. Work has been fun and stressful at the same time, but what’s more stressing out is that I have less time to spend with my friends. I still consider them my friends because they don’t bug me when I can’t come out and party with them because unlike other people, I’m still in the progress of a progressive time management.

I need start learning how to divide my time for work, and for friends. I need to make time for my friends because well, I love my friends and I love the places that we go to and I want them to know that I never forget them and it’s not like I’m caught up in some sort of complicated relationship where I’m stuck with my boyfriend all the time because the last I check, my boyfriend encourages me to spend more time with my friends.

But lately, after work is more spent with colleagues. My own boyfriend is a colleague so I can’t run away from that. I have a boss who is a party guy (except he won’t go to the clubs I go to boohoo) and most of my colleagues are around my age so yeay yeay.

BUT! my working hour seems to end as early as 9pm sometimes and I think this week we’re going to end up sleeping in the office preparing for the big event. Blergh.

I will be out of town from 3rd or 4th till the 6th of April. When I’m back, I’m going to need about a week to myself so I can write the report on the event and other important ad hoc work stuff.

and THEN! I look forward to spread my wings to PARTAYYYY.

p/s : I learn time management from here.


  1. yeay! good fer u D! another 11 to go huh? u want estrella cd? oh me and nadia met liyana at the “wet and wild” sunburst the other day nyeh nyeh nyeh…

    sounds like you’re having a ball with your new job! and the pay is good right? don’t worry, we understand your situation, we’re always here for you to hangout and partay!

  2. thanks xumb! ur supportive lah friend. hugs!

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