work is spelt FKG HLL.

March 18, 2008

Warning : this is a boring entry. I’m at the office & it’s too early to start FKG HLL.

The trip to Malacca wasn’t so bad. It was good to bond with my colleagues from the same and different department. The meeting on Friday was the longest I’ve been to. I learned a lot nevertheless.

Right after I arrived to the office from Malacca that late Friday afternoon, I drove to The Curve to catch Colbie Caillat. It was good although it rained half way. and I think Justin Young is cute!

Saturday was spent with my best friend Lynn. It has been awhile since we really spend quality time together. It was definitely worth it.

I thought I’d have a quiet Sunday but my family & I attended an all diplomat wedding. It was good to see a big number of respective diplomats at a wedding. It felt like those days.I miss my TCK days.

but since yesterday, I’m already having a bad week. This time it’s worse. and I won’t tell you why.

Enjoy your FKG HLL week.


  1. i’m enjoying this week coz tmrw is holiday till weekend 😉
    no where to go but atleast i can relax a bit and read some books recently bought. hehe

  2. Oh dear, so maybe FCKG HLL is not quite fun.

    At least the week is almost over!

  3. well i had a FCKG HLL of a good time at sunburst! check out my review 😉

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