i’m it!(2)

March 11, 2008

Tagged by Xumb. Thank you for giving me something to write in my lazy morning at work!P
List eight (8) random facts about yourself. Tag 8 people at the end of your post and list their names.

1. I get agitated by e-mails that contains scary, shocking things. It’s just not funny at all.

2 . I talk a lot, but I’m silent when I’m in a panic moment, or in pain. I hope I can still remember to scream & shout when I’m in labor. lol.

3. I found out I can’t eat sambal belacan! my nose tends to itch everytime I do, but it doesn’t itches when I eat my mom’s home made sambal. Weird.

4. I dislike littering and I dislike other people littering. I tend to tell people off when they do and if possible, I make them pick the trash up so they’d throw it into any trash can.

5. I don’t know how to wrap gifts. It’s a flaw to most women but seriously I am really bad at crafts. 😦

6.I am very particular about toilets & bathroom because I find them the sexiest place in a house/room. I tend to judge someone from the way they clean their bathroom. And if i go to hotel rooms,the first thing I’ll check out is the bathroom.

7. I find guys who are able to take care of their personal cleanliness very,very sexy. Well, they can be a bunch of asswipes too for sure, but if they’re clean that could already lead to the first step to change them from asswipes, to the best husband (to-be) in the world.

8. I don’t eat tauhu.However, I can take tauhusi family such as japanase tofu, egg tofu,tau foo fah, soya bean and my most favorite of all is tempeh !

I’d like to tag:  Zain ,Lock , amii (where r u la?) , Sabitha (i miss u!) , BiancaShuqKevin!



  1. ngahahahah i’m just lazy but gladly i dont forget to breathe lol. will do this later today 😉

    btw i’m selling : http://community.livejournal.com/selltrade_kl/1132265.html#cutid1


  2. amii babe,
    thanks for selling it to me but i like my curly hair just fine!

    hopefully ppl will see that link from here n buy!

    i’m still selling my shoes ok!

  3. emmm maybe u’d like to try the lowyat.net forum and malaysianbabes.net forum, they have garage sales corner too 🙂


  4. wooh! interesting! yes ok thank u !

  5. hey, my no. 6 is the same as your no. 4! well who doesn’t right? hehehe

  6. Xumb : Serious? Serious!

  7. I’m silent when I’m stressed.

    Like on roller coasters. ^_^’

  8. your number 4 would sound like this if i yang tulis:

    i hate littering so much i don’t mind throwing rubbish inside my car as long as i don’t throw it outside.

    well, actually that was how my ex-bf described me. suffice to say he was a litterbug. aper2 sikit bukak tingkap kereta and buang.


  9. laydiefa : sangat sakit hati when people do that. it pisses me off big time too.

    aida: i do that too sometimes. actually, i wish this list is more than 8 cos i have more to share. lol.

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