post-election fever.

March 10, 2008

” Berbahagialah dengan kemenangan yang dah dicapai, tapi jangan berbahagia dengan kejatuhan orang lain. Bahaya jawabnya.” – Salmah Salleh, my mother.
Sometimes, I wonder if we’re really on the right track or the other way around.

At the end of the day,I hope with these changes there won’t be anymore flaws of what has been done in previous years. At the same time, I certainly hope those who won REALLY KEEP TO WHAT THEY HAVE PROMISED ALL THIS WHILE.

and media must take note that they can no longer lie to the society and they cannot stand bias on and reveal a one-sided story, covering all the other important cases and issues aside.

The whole “political tsunami” is a happiness to most, heartache to some and another brainwash program to me.

After all, I’m still a proud Malaysian and my heart bleeds for it no matter how I give a “idontgiveadamn” face at times.


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