March 3, 2008

I’m so pleased to find out my traveling time from home to work takes only 35 minutes! I left my house at 7.15am, freaking my guts out thinking I’d be late cos I was supposed to be in the office by 8am but NO! I arrived at 7.50am!

Whee! so happy.

Well I’m still in the office and so far I’ve done one task & attended one meeting. We have a few events soon & in a few minutes I’m off for a briefing of what to plan and what not.

Most of all, I like lunch time.

I get to have lunch with my boss, colleagues & my boyfriend!

Ngeh ngeh ngeh.



  1. good fer u D! happy working!

    p/s: saya suka twisties! ngeh ngeh ngeh

  2. thanks xumb!
    and nyehhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i like cheezels 😛

  3. hi dD still remember me…u’ve started ur job huhh…happy working dear!

  4. Amy : hi! yes! I’ve started my SECOND job,mind you. hehe. are you still in France ?

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