to forgive & pretend to forget.

February 26, 2008

I don’t understand selfish people. I really don’t.

When they are selfish they become arrogant, and when they become arrogant they will turn out to be blind because they cannot see what’s good for other people but for themselves which eventually hurt a lot of people.

Apparently, selfish people are not stupid. They are smart. They are so smart that the more they show how selfish they are, the more we see their stupidity. And when they reveal their stupidity, they become immature.

Apart from being smart yet stupid, they do listen. but not for long. When we tell them they’ve hurt us they will apologize. but don’t worry because they don’t really mean it (I think).

After all,I’m speaking of my zero understanding towards selfish people. Which I can’t tolerate at all.


  1. sometimes selfish people don’t realise what they are doing or have done.. they should be reminded and forgiven.. however the ones that knows but still acts kiasu should be..

  2. Probably the one(s) I’m speaking about are selfish people in General and adding my experiences with some at the same time.

    Yes. They know they’re selfish but they seem to be proud of it.

    Thanks Malik.

  3. Everybody is guilty of that. Self Interest governs all. How can anybody truly say they are not selfish. Its just some are more selfish than others. Then again its a point of view. Blaming people for being selfish is like blaming ants for being selfless.

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