i sold my heart to a friendship.

February 17, 2008

I cleared things off with her.

Maybe it’s a flaw I never knew I had.

Of having a nature to keep my problems to myself yet to the world I am probably the happiest woman in the world.


I am only going to assume that she only feels that way because she cares and she hates losing me just like she may possibly lose other friends along the line.

I am very sure she has spilled her frustrations to her friends, or at least to one of them. I’m not sure if any of them reads this but if they do I hope by the time they get to this line, they are well informed that I have settled the miscommunication breakdown.

Your friend is right, indeed. “Sometimes we just need me time.”

And I’d like her to know that I am always happy with the changes in her life, the new people she befriended and the fact that she doesn’t forget her old friends.


And things will never be the same again.


  1. omg i just noticed that i wrote this on feb the 17th. the same day i met this particular friend mentioned in this very entry at our beloved place of all,except that was fresh in my mind – 2006.


  2. waaaay more than deja-vu!

  3. what a co incident.

  4. is in our nature to grow up, and naturally we grow apart. that does not mean a friendship lost

  5. faiz, you’re absolutely right.
    people change, life change.
    and all we have to do is keep on getting ready for it to happen
    and move on happily.

    a good friend of mine said to me,
    ” it’s about making yourself content at all time.”

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