She hisses.

January 17, 2008

It’s late & I’m still awake.

I can’t get over my anger today.I have been thinking yet I have not come to a perfect decision that will eventually calm me down and put me to sleep.

I tried calming myself down by avoiding people I did not want to meet today. I went to the mall in Sunway City & sat for a good one hour and a half reading Dina Zaman’s I am Muslim. It rocked my emotional boat and I forgot how angry I was for a while, until I stopped at page 79 to meet some friends for tea.

But I really don’t know if the meeting was counted as professional, knowing that one of the people who were there waiting for me at our usual kopitiam was the exact person I was very, very angry at.

Seriously, I don’t know what God was trying test me for sending me to see him. I’m sure God’s test had to do with my patience as woman. a REAL woman.

Most of the time I wonder why God created men with extra amount of ignorance than women. At the same time it’s scary to imagine if men can get as emotional & as intelligent as women already are.


The fact is, men are so stupid yet egoistic to the root of their brain cells that it pisses women off and perhaps the only one standing up front right now is ME.


I am going back to that book shop and finish the rest of the book tomorrow.

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