January 15, 2008

Orang perempuan tak elok bersiul. Nanti dah besar jadi perempuan jahat.

That’s what my aunt told my cousin Zana & I when I visited her in Malaysia.I was 11 years old then.She claimed that little girls who like to whistle might end up a bad person as they grow older.
However, every time I try to whistle to a song while I’m driving, (which most of the time I’d fail to do so because I still don’t know how to whistle until today), I’ll think of what my aunt said back then.

The truth is, she probably didn’t want us to whistle because it’s irritating so she made up such thing to make us stop & think of the so called circumstances if we were to continue trying.

The beauty of children psychology is, that we tend to make up rules to children because we know they WILL think about it and ironically, children will remember all this until they’re old.

I still love my aunt though. And I don’t think I’m a perempuan jahat either.

*knocks on wood*

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