the whole world is a small world.

January 8, 2008

I spent the weekend with a good friend of mine and his friends, Izwan.Izwan is an engineering scholar from JPA and currently studying in France. I met when I was still living in Paris, while he was in his first year of Masters in Petro-Chemical Engineering. He is now in his 6th of 7th year.    

But I’m not here to talk about him.

He held a dinner party gathering at Ajjie’s apartment, in Mont Kiara. It was a very nice apartment though it was empty because Ajjie’s family were supposed to sell the apartment. It has become a place for Ajjie to gather her friends over. Ajjie is a bubbly girl who happens to be a friend of Sarah. Both of them are students in Melbourne.I met Sarah through Izwan and we first met at OU along with Yusry. Well, Yusry’s name is not really Yusry but it’s because he looks just like Yusry of KRU and that I dislike his real name due to a personal reason, I’ll call him Yusry instead. Yusry is an architecture student in Melbourne as well.

But I’m not here to talk about Ajjie, Sarah nor Yusry.

At the apartment, I found out that Aida was there too. Aida are friends with my good friend & the rest of the people mentioned above. By right, she is a blogger friend of mine and this is her blog . I last met Aida in early 2006, when I was still staying at good old Sunway city.

But I’m not here to talk about Aida either.

Later that night, a group of Izwan’s other friends arrived and it turned out to be Munir & his Kerinchi gang. I was shocked to find out that Izwan & Munir know each other . I won’t tell you how I know Munir since it’s a long story but I’d say that it was very nice re-gather with the rest of them, after a long time. I’m glad to know that Shahril & Lisa are still together and I am very happy for them.

But we all know that I’m not here to talk about Munir, Lisa nor Shahril.

While the rest of them were playing Guitar Heroes & Karaoke-ing, I relaxed myself and joined the rest of the gang at the balcony. We talked , we laughed, we drank to a good gathering.

But it’s not the balcony that I wanted to talk about. 

At about 5am, after the Kerinchi gang has left, the rest that were there at the apartment went food hunting at Hartamas. I have not sat at a Mamak, laughing out loud happily at nearly 6 in the morning in such a long time. These people really bring back my memories as a student, I was very pleased.

At this point of a post, I’m sure you’re about to give up on me because none of the stories above are what I wanted to talk about.

What I wanted to say was that wrapped up an example of a good weekend anyone ought to have. I am glad that as the first weekend of the year, I’ve made new friends and/or re-bonded with old  acquaintances/friends.If anyone asks me what I’ve learned from my weekend, I’d say that never underestimate the people you meet in your life, of any kinds of people because they might be the one who enlightens your day,eventually.

the whole world is a small world.jpeg



  1. I hope no one ‘ sakit hati’ after reading this post though.

  2. I thought the post was sweet, I had lots of fun (despite initially taking awhile to come out of my shell!)

    It was good seeing you too!

  3. i miss those kinda stuff too… banyak benda laa jugak miss. heya aida how have you been keeping?

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