January 5, 2008

Last night I went to Doppelganger’s The Reunion . It has been awhile since these (professional) songwriters perform. It was also very nice to see familiar faces, at a familiar place. Except this time, I came with a total different group of people. It was a reunion nevertheless.

As Shelley Leong was singing Resident Fool , I took out a my pen and scribbled onto my little diary.

” I remember being easily emotional over songs sang by all of these singers at Doppelganger gigs. I’d drive home thinking of the lyrics of their song & praise them like there’s no tomorrow. If it hits me, I’d cry myself to sleep.. but I guess I’ve grown out of all that.”

It is definitely a little different when you’re going to a gig like Doppelganger, because they are a list of talented people,talented songwriters except that they do not use the mass broadcast to bring themselves up to the top like those respective celebrities. They work their ass off to get to their level now and Doppelganger may or may not be the reason where they stand now. I respect these talented people. I love their songs. but from that moment onwards I’ve discovered a different way to appreciate them.

I’ve discovered that to attend such gigs bring so much impact to myself … when I’m single.

Most people do not realize that when they are single, they appreciate things and people around them more than anything else, simply because they do not have that special someone to love them back.

Until they find themselves in a relationship, things will seem vague around them because they have that special someone to be there with them, color their life for and with them.

But you know what’s the slap in the face for that? when I found this quote on someone’s blog I blog hopped from.

” It’s sad to fall asleep. It separates people.Even when you’re sleeping together, you’re all alone. ” – Nancy Lizbeth.



Ouch. Seriously,truth hurts.



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