January 2, 2008

Hello. Are you at work today? or is this your first day at work anywhere new? Congratulations if it is, and well, it’s time to get to our party arse back in the office after such a long weekends isn’t it?

 Today is my 1st day at work. ALONE.

No, I’m not at a new company but from today until the day the BOD approve my resignation letter, I am going to be alone in the office.

 My boss has happily moved onto a better company, of course. and I’m waiting for my turn.You don’t want to know how bored I am at work and how dysfunctional I suddenly feel without my boss. There are some personal issues with my dislikings toward him, but towards the end of the day, he’s a good manager. I mean, he can do his work just fine that’s all I can say.

Sigh. I need a drink.


One comment

  1. gosh!
    you have dayssss of free internet and phone!!
    enjoy it while it lasts babe!

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