bonne anne ’08

January 1, 2008

I think I had a great new year’s eve celebration. It might be the same looping gathering for those whom I were with last night,
but to me it was a new beginning. I missed my friends, and I wished I could’ve driven up to the city and meet up with them like I’d always do
though I don’t think driving intoxicated is an adviceable thing to do.

what’s good to know is i started celebrating my new year two nights ahead. i’ve never felt so loved (ok i lied i have felt loved so many times haha)

I almost felt like I was breathing new air once the fireworks were exploding.
As we mature in everything else around us, I wish nothing but the best not only to other people,
but also to myself.

And as we cheered, we socialize and to the eve of a new year, I secretly prayed that this year brings a great year.

..although I woke up hung over & rushed to my grandma’s house for a kenduri (family gathering)


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