aidil adha 2007

December 21, 2007

Aidil Adha this year is not as festive as it used to be. My family was the only family whom slept over at Grandmama’s earlier that night and the rest came back for a few hours the next day. Everyone has other commitment that of course, everyone else understand.

I have been sick since last weekend due to a bad weather (or too much partying maybe?) which affected my Aidil Adha yesterday. I slept most of the time. and even though I was beraya-ing at relatives’ house I was so weak & slept all the way. I feel like a total loser for being so sick & weak when I really, really want to pig out on those Rendang.

Hope you had a blessed Aidil Adha, no matter how sick (in the head) you are.


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