it’s because he loves her, that’s why.

December 11, 2007

This is a psycho analysis I made last night. It was a deja vu I had while I was having dinner with Joseph.

Now, the story below is taken at the time when I was still with one of my ex boyfriends. Let’s name him EXBF.

Once, I talked to EXBF about his best friend’s girfriend. I told him that I think she is a nice girl. EXBF did not agree with me, saying that he didn’t like her being his best friend’s girlfriend because one of things is that she is very calculative. She doesn’t like to spend a single penny, and expected his best friend to pay for everything, including RM1 parking ticket.

EXBF and I argued about our view of this particular girl. I stood up for her and I told him that perhaps she is like that because she wants to save money for their future, her boyfriend & her. EXBF disagreed and still kept on going on how much he disliked her. I gave up the argument by saying, “Well, your best friend likes her type of girl for a girlfriend, the calculative type.” . He said, ” He doesn’t like it. it’s because he loves her, that’s why.” .


Perhaps, as EXBF was saying that to me, he secretly had another story in his head which said, ” ..because she reminds me of my ex gf.she used to be as calculative like her.I didn’t like it, but I let myself suffer,being with her for 5 years because I loved her. I can’t say that to you cos you’d get very emotional now can I? Hmm.

I analyzed that maybe just maybe, guys who dislike their friend’s girlfriend are not saying it because they care about their friends from having ‘complicated’ girlfriend, but maybe because their friend’s girlfriend remind them of their ex girlfriend, or someone similar.

If you have been in the similar situation and want to correct me if I’m wrong, please do.


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