the after-party thoughts in my head.

December 7, 2007

I crossed the ” it’s a weeknight,you’re working tomorrow so no party” border last night. I am so happy to see other working people who are never tired for music & happy hours. I enjoy meeting old friends and making new friends. I am amazed with the power of Karma. I am amused with mycrazyself. I will never stop because I like it.

I observed the way Nur dances and I find it very cute. I think, when Boy is having an erection, his hair will erect too. I agree with Shah‘s statement,” I ni bitchy but nice sebenarnya“. I think Pakde has gained a lot of weight & he thinks I do the same. I thank Mira for complimenting my boyfriend & my hair, twice. I think I miss the old times of Fee & I. I find Owish very,very horny when he’s drunk. I seriously think Alang‘s way of compliment for saying I’m old school is nice. I think Syasha has sexy butt. I like Halyza‘s vintage Dior top.I nearly embarassed myself in front of Palie, about the car incident.I forgot to mention Raja‘s lovely hairband. I asked Hackeem where Eday was. I did not see Harry last night. I seriously loved the fact that Kevin is back. I’m happy to see Inaz back on track. I’m sorry for Badak cos he no longer drinks.I finally have a topic to talk about the next time I see Nas.I like what Irman has done to the event.I want photos from Nurul and Albert. I wanted to talk to Michelle but I was too shy to sit beside her and talk about political issues with her.I wished Fiz did not have to work last night.I  met Elaine again, after so long.I didn’t know Effa was shorter than me.I love to hug Ishaq & I think everyone does too.I wondered where Diane was. I was glad Apik came.I think Affan is cute,no matter how gay he may seem to be.I told Reza he has gained weight & he said it’s because he is  happy.I love my grrfriend Bianca most of all.I did not enjoy the fact that I’ve been spanked a couple of times while I was dancing.I am sorry if I’ve forgotten anyone else.I secretly wished Joseph would turn up & suprise me like he used to do.I’m going to continue my work now. 

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