November 29, 2007

Well let me be honest with you.

first of all, refer to http://www[dot]myinves[dot]com[dot]my . That’s my company’s website.

The current company I am working for is a service provider that assist foreigners on
a programme that can benefit those foreigners who are interested
to buy properties in Malaysia, to open up a business or such.

This particular has been opened for six months and although we work our ass off,
the number of serious applicants is depressing. It’s a lot more depressing when colleagues and I
are pushed and pulled by the Directors.

What I don’t understand is, how can a business merge when the board of directors refuse to spend money?

I tried very hard to convince the board of directors that in order to activate such programmes,
we can’t sit in Malaysia, finding for people or waiting for foreigners to liaise with us.

Now the Board of Directors decided that this company should start up a new product as a side income.
I was asked to do a market survey so that I can foresee what other ways can Malaysia My 2nd Home Programme
liaise into.

If any of you are reading this and understand the situation of my company and my job,
Please oh please give me ideas on what we can do to help the business run so that we MM2H can become profitable.

Come to think of it, I am sick and tired of this little Tug of War game the shareholders are playing.
But I am not leaving until I am able to show that I can work at my best and make profit for the company.

I want to make sure that my existence is why the company is making money.

Because when I leave, it’ll drop again.
So, any ideas? Please. I need them badly.
Thank you.

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