I don’t do ” Shut up & Listen.”

November 25, 2007

I am very negotiable person. Just speak to me properly.

Whenever I’m given an issue, be it social, business or even personal, I am able to face it and make sure I find a solution to it. I can tolerate a lot of people, a lot of situation but I don’t have the patience whenever the other party speaks to me in a very inappropiate tone.

I am not a kid. Speak to me like you’re speaking to an adult. Do not shut me up by demanding me to listen to you. I don’t do “Shut up & Listen” . I no longer take an order from anyone.I choose to respect others by having them to respect me at the same time.

I think as mature, growing adults we should start dealing with problems in a very professional way. I get itched & annoyed easily whenever people are trying to treat to me like a kid. It’s a sad case, really.

I am glad that nowadays I am able to stand up for myself and get myself understood from the wrong perception that anyone has towards me. I am satisfied that I am able to pull someone away to the corner and speak to them nicely after they have been yelling at me for uncertain reasons. To get a sensible message to someone’s head will never work if you are trying to send it through yelling.

But please don’t tell me to shut up and listen because you are not making sense anyway.


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