dear jdj.

November 22, 2007

Happy birthday Joseph !

I’m sorry my plans to suprise you on the radio failed & I’m sorry that you have your big assignment due and you had to stay up till late all night on your birthday eve night and tonight as well, but Baby baby baby you rock my world and you make me happy all the way. Although you’re a pain in the butt sometimes but then again aren’t all men pain in the butt? ;p

 I wish you all the best and I hope you excel in your exams and we go graduate together and you’ll join me in this corporate slavery world so we can proceed with whatever plans we have all this while ( hint: shoes & bags for me! ) . I wish for nothing but the best for you & your future & that you don’t focus on your car more than me sayang! miehehehehe.

kisses kisses kisses.

ngaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaai luv eew. 


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