you’re a genisu!.. i mean, genius!

November 17, 2007
  • I’m dead meat.
  • I’ve been over psycho analyzing so many things around me lately, it drives me nuts.
  • The deadline is getting near and i’m still nowhere to begin with. pffft.
  • Tomorrow’s Aira’s birthday & I still don’t have internet at home (i’m at work) So happy birthday Aira!
  • Sometimes I feel so ready to face the shitty times of my life, yet I’m too chicken shit to shout “BRING IT ON!” out.
  • If you ask me if i’m in love, I’ll tell you I’m clueless that’s for sure. but i do love my boyfriend. He’s a sweetheart. but please stop asking. thanks.
  • I need a real life.
  • Or maybe I need to travel out.
  • Or …. gah whatever. bye!

p/s : i quote Ayuni’s Between Crushing and Liking  . Simply brilliant.



  1. Sometimes psychoanalyzing takes too much out of you.

    Just go with the flow I suppose.

  2. Just how I’ve decided so. Thanks for detecting my feelings, Aida 🙂

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