I feel your pain along my tears.

November 13, 2007

Sweet Angel of mine,

I didn’t get to see you, didn’t get to touch your baby hair,
didn’t get to smell you, didn’t get to kiss your forehead nor
that I get to touch your nose and play with your tiny feet.

I couldn’t share the joy with the rest of the family, with your mother
and your father. and let me tell you how wonderful and lovely your parents are.

Just wish you’d stay alive. Just for a day.
But you couldn’t last not even an hour, you had to leave us while you’re in your mummy’s womb.

May you rest in peace, sweet angel of mine.
and may your mother calmly let you go, and hopefully your spirit will bring
a greater joy to her, …when she gives birth to the next one in the future (InsyaAllah)

You could’ve been the first child to my cousin,the first grandchild to my aunt’s family.
But God loves you more.
Rest in Peace.

Innalillahi wa inalillahi raji’un.
Condolences to my dear cousin Tini & husband.


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