November 6, 2007

Yesterday, I was a little upset with my boss. Well, to me he is not a boss because he is not the one who signs all the cheques and it is not his money that pays my salary. It’s the Chairman’s salary and working in this company lets us work closely with the chairman himself, which is a good thing because this is probably the only time I’ll be able to learn by given the chance to directly face and work under the nose of the Board of Directors and the Chairman.

I have decided not to speak further of why I was upset with my boss because I have spoken about it to the ones who are very close to me, which is my boyfriend J, my girlfriend Bianca and my own mother. The only thing I did not do was to cry to them which is again , a good thing because I have gained more strength in handling with the stress of dealing with such complicated,twisted-minded, open-minded wannabe,sexist,racist,vulgar and rude person like him (my boss).

 I think I’ve gained another 10 points of proffessionalism yesterday. 


  1. gimme your resume. i’ll pass yours directly to the HR person. managed to get a friend in a few days ago

  2. Sometimes you wonder how the most unprofessional people end up to where they are.

    Hopefully your situation gets better.

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