November 4, 2007

I appreciate all the help I’m getting from my friends for finding people for me to get in touch with and somehow try to apply jobs from at the same time.                                                                                                                                                             I seriously appreciate those who have also given me the numbers and websites, newspaper cuttings for me to refer and call up to see if I’m able to work for them.

At this point of time, to know that I’m going to be out of job is exactly similar to being told that I have only 3 months to live.
The feeling is pure shitty, I must admit.

The next thing I’ve been eye-ing on is apartments or rooms to let. I thought I can stand traveling
in and out of this suburb every day but somehow, working at hours of my current job for example,
is not only tiring, but also stressing out. I say stressing out because by 10pm my mother will be calling me,
all paranoid and worried and making sure I am safe and sound and hopefully, done with my work and on the way home.

And when I tell her I’m on the way home, she’ll call every fifteen minutes to make sure I’ve arrived the area.
Now that’s what I spell as STRESS.

So, I think if I were to get a job (hopefully soon), I can at least have a room near to my office or fairly near that I can crawl to and sleep
and without having my mom to nag at me for not having dinner and work , and…..well, you know.

Need a roomate? Call ME!

p/s: No no, i’m not complaining. I’m just…tired.


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