how now?

October 26, 2007

Not a lot of people are aware of what sort of job I am currently doing. Those who are not clear of where I work and what company I work with may not know what it is I’m marketing for. Therefore, allow me to keep it that way because what I’m about to say next might need a bit more of Private and Confidential details about my company.


Having to promote this particular programme to foreigners as a core income is definitely a major headache to my colleagues and me. The last meeting we had with the Board of Directors concluded that the company I work for may only last until January 2008, depending fully on the profit that we ought to make in the short timeline given.

The thing is, this programme provides the incentives for foreigners who are interested to invest in Malaysia for their own future’s good. However, it requires a lot of money for the (serious) applicants before they are able to enjoy these incentives. It should not be a problem if the foreigners we approach are the right applicants,of course.

The problem is, foreigners who request for information regarding our programme are mostly those whom are asking for informations per say.Most of the time, after we’ve provided the sufficient information needed, they choose not to revert to us even after several follow-up calls made by us.

However, we do understand that such programme takes a long planning and time consuming for us to receive applicants (customers).


The bad news is; today, I saw one of my colleagues printing out his CV and sending it out personally to a contact of his.


Deep inside my heart I screamed, “Oh Smack. I’m going to need to do the same ASAP.”


Having this job as my 1st job and to find out that this company is ‘going down’ leaves to biting my own nails on whether I should start searching for a new job now or should I wait until the Board Of Directors make the ‘final’ announcement.


I seriously, seriously don’t know what to do.





One comment

  1. i think the best thing to do is to start ‘marketing’ urself out there. start sending resumes & going to interviews after work. if the company is really going down, atleast u dah ade plan. but if it’s not, u can always decline any job offer coming ur way (if that’s what the best thing to do at the moment la). good luck dD!

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