my second family.

October 25, 2007

I had a dream of Tony and Baba (his dad) last night.I dreamt that my whole family,including my cousins’ family went to have lunch at his place. We were like family. I spoke pure Arabic with Baba and a bit of French to Tony, as how I do in real life. It was very sweet to see Baba in my dream, and to be able to “feel” him hugging after years since I left Jordan.

I knew Tony since 2000, through a guy whom was a best friend of mine who eventually became my first boyfriend of 8 months.When he & I broke up, Tony was there for me. He has always been a dear friend to both my (ex) boyfriend and I. Suprisingly, Tony and I became very good friends with each other and this beautiful friendship remains until today.

When Tony was in Jordan, he lived with his ever wonderful Baba & Teta (his grandmother). I have never felt so welcomed in a friend’s family. As a matter of fact, Tony declared that I am not a friend, I am a family.

I love Tony, Teta & Baba just like I love my family. I will always listen to any advice given by them. I take them into consideration and practice them as much as I can.

Tony’s family, The Bandaks was the 1st reason I become as open minded as I am today. Although we are from different religion, race and culture. Never once that The Bandaks neglect their care for me.

I  miss them dearly. I wish them well. and most of all, I wish someday we will reunite.

Je vous aimez beaucoup, Baba,Teta et Tony.


  1. Sometimes it is interesting to think about the people who have affected your life in the way they have now.

  2. Miss Aida, agreeable. without a doubt. I still miss them though.

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