Improve your communication skills.

October 11, 2007

Do you have that specific assumption toward a group of things, or people. Or anyone in particular for that matter,sometimes?

Let’s say in the beginning of any meeting point you’ve already have a certain assumption toward how this or that person behave, I’m sure not a lot of you will get through a well communication with the other party.

a) Assuming this person is the angry type, you tend to dislike him/her.
you end up avoiding to speak to him/her because you don’t want to hear them nag about everything else.

b) Assuming that other person a big-talker, you tend to avoid speaking about topics that can make him or her start their big-talks because it’d make you feel nautious if you hear any other possible bullshits from him or her.

There are so many other assumptions that can lead to a miscommunication breakdown. It seriously irritates me knowing anyone have such assumptions toward me.

The conversation will end up provocative. I’ll be speaking as clear as I can yet the other is playing words in their mind, waiting to provoke me.

How fair is that?

If you’re not having a good day, don’t come up to anyone & speak to anybody if you KNOW you’ll end up pissing others off thinking what the heck is up your ass today. Rather, if anyone approach you, I suggest you put a smile your beautiful face & tell them you’re not having a good day. You might end up having someone hearing you out rather than you piss them off irrititatingly.

Grow up, don’t grow old.

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