Slmt Hr Ry.

October 9, 2007

So I see the traffic jam is getting a little less stressful this week.
I’m sure many people are already on their way to their kampung already,
playing with chicken, laughing out loud with the old ones & whatever-not.
My boss is going yankee doodle wacko already due to no jobs been given to him.
Which, in other words, leaving me to do nothing but facebook-ing, myspace-ing & blogging.
What he does is, he’d play his song on repeat & make me guess from which year it is, who sang it and what’s the title.

I mean,seriously. We are THAT jobless. LOL.
This will be the second month for me since I came into this company & work for a marketing exec
for the first time.Having a Marketing Exec as my first job is thrilling, I must admit.

I can’t deny that I agree with my boss when he tells me that this is going to be my first and only company
that I’m given the chance to speak and deal straight to the boss and the Board of Directors.
No, really.
Working here gives me the chance to meet with the B.O.D straight away whenever I have any enquiries to make.
Any business line coming into the company, or any other big discussions are to be discussed with the Chairman
of the company whom is probably the age of my late grandfather if he was still alive.

However,I’ve already had some thoughts of leaving this company soon.I’m a little worried if I won’t survive
in another company though, but I’m taking all my time to learn as much as I can here. I’ve got brushing up to do
which my boss finds not much to brush up for.

I miss my college life dearly though.
At times like this I’d  be having mid-term exams
and get credited with a week of Raya holidays.
I could even get duit raya
& not have to worry about duit hari raya budget to be given out this year!

But I guess the older you get, the double,triple your problems are.
All I wanted to say in the end is, Selamat Hari Raya.
Maaf zahir & Batin.

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