October 3, 2007

It’s definitely not easy to work,study for two exams & work on an assignment at the same time. I need to be extremely strict with my own personal time management so that I don’t waste time doing something else I shouldn’t be doing (after work). Ok but seeing my boyfriend is an exceptional case, can? (haha).

but my complain is; to travel to various numbers of libraries to do a research won’t be much productive if I’m not given extra time. 

And the extra time would be,the weekends.Yet weekends is where my parents claim my so-called quality time with the family since I go to work & come home late from work (or socializing after work) on almost every weekday. Sigh.

So they say women multi-task & handle stress better than men. I’m probably next in line for the award giving ceremony.

Wish me luck.


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