Why i’d rather be proud being a TCK sometimes.

October 1, 2007

check out this youtube video clip by BBC’s HARD TALK

(which was not aired on Malaysia’s ASTRO) :

and let me quote my friend Zain‘s feedback on the videos.

zain.jeng says:
I will comment on it some other time
But, what is essential to note is that he is a politician from a political party and besides speaking in his capacity as Minister, he must or is obligated to speak in his capacity of his party.
Which is why, some of the stuff he said, is bollocks.
What I am trying to say is, can’t really blame the chap.

dD. says:
but i somehow gave the same thoughts /feedback to my fellow angry friends after watching the same video.
i think he’s jst being politically professional.
jst like any other politicians who are to be interviewed by HARD TALK.

zain.jeng says:
That’s the thing alot of ppl have to recognize that at least half of the issues in Malaysia aren’t peculiar

dD. says:
sad thing is, malaysians tend to think like that. at least similarly alike and love to jump into the angry wagon
belum apa2 dah melatah.

zain.jeng says:
But it’s not their fault really.

dD. says:
sigh .

zain.jeng says:
It’s the concept of Responsible Government that has not been properly exercised in Malaysia

dD. says:
i must agree. again



Seriously people, sometimes there is no need to be angry over political statements made by our respective ministers, or any other politicians because that’s part of their job. BEING POLITICALLY PROFESSIONAL TO THE WORLD.

it’s like selling our country , you know.

whatever. I’m a TCK. what do i know? (haha)


  1. Well, whatever it is I feel that when dealing with foreign media, our ministers will always have our country and people’s best interest in mind.

  2. agreeable comment , shuq. but to me i think feedbacks depend on each and every malaysian’s mindset.

    i’ve nothing against any of them at all. though.

  3. ‘our ministers ‘, true. But again, not peculiar to Malaysia. Applies to every minister of any country. (Except for a few irresponsible ones).

  4. exactamundo,zain.

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