September 27, 2007

It’s fifteen to one and I’m still awake.  The cough syrup I took from the doctor last night does not make me drowsy at all. I think I need to pop some sleeping pills or something.

Well,today was my first MC from work day. Honestly I don’t feel good calling the manager early in the morning and announce to him that i can’t make it work today but I’m glad he knows I haven’t been feeling well. The coughing has gotten worse, I can’t count how many times I had to cough & puke. My ribs are aching.

Yesterday I had Iftar ( buka puasa ) with two of my old friends. One is Indonesian whom hardly understand proper Indonesian and speak more Arabic since half of his life was on the land of Saudi Arabia and the other one claims he’s from Yemen yet has never stepped into it but was born & grown up in Saudi Arabia all his life. Speaking of Third Culture Kids. heh.

But let me tell you what I’ve stored in my head when we were at the food court of KLCC.I’ve never realized this before, though I was told from some that this has happened. I’ve discovered it myself & I gotta tell you how culture shocking it was & at the same time, i feel a little malu.

So it was in KLCC right, we had hummus and pita bread with salad & kebabs for starter, before we walked to the building behind KLCC to get some sandwiches from Subway.

I have never realized this until I was at KLCC’s food court, but there were so many people who would sit at the food court as early as 5.30pm just so that they can keep the seats to themselves as the food court would then be full by the time we are allowed to eat.

I was actually shocked to see not only Malays who do that, but also other Muslims from other race. The ones sat beside we were two Indian Muslims & from the look of it, I assumed they have been there since 5.30pm as well.

I can’t recall of how shocked I was until it was 7.09pm. So we were allowed to eat then, as the Azan Maghrib started. However I was very upset with the crowd because it seems like we are only fasting to get to our Iftar.

Imagine this.

  • You go to KLCC & sit at the food court at 5.30pm.
  • Other non-Muslim can’t find a place to eat since the seats are “fully booked”.
  • You started to buy food at 6.30pm because you don’t want to end up queue-ing for so long.
  • You sit and stare/drool at your food for a good half an hour or so.
  • When it’s time to eat, you read doa buka puasa  and you pig out. You don’t eat , but you PIG OUT.
  • but when the Azan ends, you don’t read the respective doa for post-azan, instead you were too hungry since you were fasting for twelve hours so you decided to ignore the Azan right the moment the Azan started, which where you’re allowed to eat.

I mean, come on. We’re Malaysians & from this behavior, other Muslim foreigners have become like us. It’s not in our culture at all and I surely do not want to point it as one of the so-called pop culture. It’s an embarrassment, that’s what it is. We should be embarrassed of ourselves.

I’m not saying I’m religious or if I’m religiously biased. I admit that whenever I buka puasa  outside with my friends, I don’t go to the nearest surau and pray Maghrib like how I’d do it at home.

My point is, we should at least have the courtesy to improve ourselves in other little things for our religion. If it’s not for the world, at least for ourselves.



  1. so true, my good person. we should be ashamed of ourselves. the truth is we dont think about all the other people(hogging seats for 2 hrs before breaking fast)

  2. exactly.

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